2 comments on “Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong XIII: Raja Berperlembagaan

    • hai…i agree with u mohd adam…this is sure a great book n good info for us all as malaysian to know about our malaysia king and queen history…cos i got this book also about tuanku mizan as 13th king of malaysia and also tuanku syed sirajuddin as 12th king of malaysia…i started to like rulers,head of states of malaysia history 2005…i started to collect only all sultans pertabalan or keputeran 1st day cover and pertabalan yang di-pertuan agong (very hard to collect because limited only)…i also collected offical picture of agongs…and history about the head of states (now i manage to collect a book about sabah all head of states from tun mustafa umtill tun juhar)…is sure a good history to remember…just like the 14th king who was the 5th king in the year 1970-1975,mean sultan hahim of kedah being king of malaysia 2nd time,just like the head of stste of sarawak tun salahuddin who become tyt 2nd time in the year 1970-1980…in sarawak the tyt n cm is the longest leader in the state…

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